Rare Form's Prince Terrence standing in the grass in front of two sattelite dishes.
photo by Bijoux Altamirano

photo by Bijoux Altamirano

Rare Form "Express"

The latest single from Rare Form "Express" is a sparse, emotional art-&-b journey that explores the emotional dissonance between the roar of the party and the lonely walk home.

Rare Form, the latest project from venerated musician and DJ Prince Terrence, is back with another future classic with his new song “Express”. Raw and exposed, the 4th Rare Form release explores modern themes of detachment and isolation in New York City, the lonely soul in the crowd, surrounded by strangers.

“I tend to make music as a soundtrack for my own life” says Rare Form. “I wrote this song as I was walking to the subway at 4 am after DJing some crazy party. After the frenzy of fun we are promptly forced back into the realm of reality. I was overcome with the irony of walking alone through empty streets in the city that never sleeps.” With hypnotic arpeggios, majestic beds of piano, and electronic drums that are simultaneously sparse and frenetic, the music captures the essence of pre dawn New York City, and serve as the perfect backdrop for Prince Terrence’s quietly powerful, emotional vocal performance.

“Express” showcases the continuing evolution of Prince Terrence from a Louisville punk rocker, to being the go-to drummer for acts like Santigold and Diplo, to his current form as a burgeoning art-&-b superstar, delivering timeless songwriting in a very au-courant musical package. Thoughtful and emotionally exposed, yet consistently simple and memorable, Rare Form is truly a rarity in today’s musical age.

Express is out now and available to stream or purchase at the link below. You can also find Rare Form on all the social platform at the links below.

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