Rare Form "All Night"

Rare Form comes with a strong debut track that is simultaneously intimate and anthemic.

Rare Form is New York City underground nightlife icon Prince Terrence’s latest creative incarnation. Rare Form’s ethereal post-apocalyptic slow jams soundtrack the latest stop on a journey that has taken him from a young prodigious punk rock drummer in Louisville, KY to a burgeoning goth art-&-b superstar in New York City.

Rare Form "All Night"

Prince Terrence is known as one of the go-to drummers for some of the best in the industry, having played with artists such as Santigold, Diplo/Major Lazer, Steve Aoki, Louis Tomlinson (One Direction), Spank Rock, Amazing Baby, and Heartsrevolution. As the frontman for his previous band, Hussle Club, Terrence released music with the hugely successful Scion A/V series and the highly regarded streetwear brand Mischka, and the band was hand selected to open a full US tour for Bauhaus legend Peter Murphy.

Musically, Rare Form offers the listener an unlikely fusion of Darkwave and R&B. Prince Terrence’s richly layered vocals accompany the hallucinatory lullabies, taking the listener on a dark & evocative journey. A sensual narcosis: Diffused electronic beats, orchestral ballads and drugged out party vibes infused with pop sensibility. Rare Form’s second singe “Tragedy Of Love” was released July 24th on Cell Laboratories, the brand new record label and online magazine created by Prince Terrence and The Rapture’s Mattie Safer.

A portrait of the artist Rare Form
photo by Dereck Brewer

photo by Dereck Brewer

For anyone familiar with Prince Terrence’s previous project, Hussle Club, the thruways are clear. Though sonically different, both projects explore similar themes, drawing on the grit and glamour of New York City for inspiration. “My style of writing usually draws from life experiences and since I’m out all night nearly every night of my life, this song feels like it wrote itself.” The song has a dark cinematic feel to it, yet feels inviting and inclusive, drawing the listener into the world that Rare Form has created. Says Terrence, “certain songs make you feel like you’re in a movie and the song is part of that soundtrack. I tend to gravitate toward creating soundtracks for the given environment and surroundings.”

In Hussle Club, Prince Terrence, a multi-talented instrumentalist and vocalist, single-handedly wrote all the songs, sang lead vocals and performed all of the live instruments in the studio including guitar, bass, drums, keys and vocals. As Hussle Club, he released the raw and gritty "Loose Tights" 7” and the dark electronic Children Of The Underground EP.

Initially cutting his teeth in the underground punk scene of Louisville, KY, Terrence relocated to New York City in 2008 to become the drummer for Island/Def Jam recording artist Young Love. Speaking about the musical pathways leading to Rare Form, Terrence says “My early music ventures in high school and middle school were punk and hardcore. So I feel like Rare Form is the softcore to the hardcore. The antithesis of my previous works. But it’s still me, so many may say it’s quite similar at the same time.”

With Rare Form’s debut EP on the near horizon, 2019 is the year that Prince Terrence has fully come into his own, blending his early subculture roots with a dark yet infectious modern R&B aesthetic. The result is a hypnotic must­ hear sound with a strong vision, one that dives deep into the unknown depths of the soul, redefining the boundaries of pop and R&B in the process. Says Terrence, “as we advance in life, I feel it’s important to proceed on the path that we desire while staying relevant by adapting to changes in the environment and surroundings. I see this music as a metamorphosis.” Indeed, with Rare Form’s debut single “All Night” we see the next wave in dark, cinematic R&B, sure to find its way into playlists, clubs and earbuds everywhere.

Rare Form's latest single "Tragedy Of Love" is out now and available anywhere you can buy or stream digital music. You can find Rare Form online at the links below.