Nicholas Gazin's Weird Nudes For Australia Relief

Illustrator Nicholas Gazin is drawing weird nude portraits of fans on Instagram in order to raise money to help fight the wildfires in Australia. Cell Vision correspondent Bridget Bakie spoke to Nick about the inspiration and intention behind the project.

by Bridget Bakie

A week ago, NYC based artist Nicholas Gazin started a commission nude portrait fundraiser to collect donations for Australia, amid the disastrous wildfires across the continent. Nicholas is an illustrator and writer whose work (both written and visual) was a staple of Vice magazine.

Nick Gazin leabing on a wall wearing a purple coat with no shirt underneath
photo by Shawnee Potts

photo by Shawnee Potts

In a post on Gazin’s Instagram last week he says “I was inspired by that lady selling nudes to help Australia. Donate ten dollars, send proof and a clothed photo and I’ll draw you nude.”
The “lady selling nudes” that Nick is referring to is Kaylen Ward, also known as the Naked Philanthropist on Twitter, who went viral after offering nude photos to anyone who sent proof that they donated at least $10 to an Australian charity.

That nude model raised half a million overnight and I didn’t think people would pay that much to see me nude so I thought this would be a fun alternative” says Gazin.

“The video of the koala begging cyclists for water stayed with me. The other videos in which it looked like Australia was turning into Hell also fucked me up. I saw @lilearthangelk [Kaylen Ward] doing something simple, immediate and that appealed to base human nature.”

“The lasting legacy of punk is minimizing the distance between the self starter impulse and acting on that impulse. I posted this offer to draw weird nude portraits in exchange for donations online, not certain that anyone would go for it. I’ve had over a hundred orders and I’ve just gotten through the first forty which have cumulatively brought in a little over $1000 in US dollars. I’m guessing that it’s raised somewhere between $2000 and $3000 already.”

If you would like to donate to Australia bushfire relief and have Nicholas Gazin make a weird nude portrait of you, you can send him a message on Instagram at @nickgazin.

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